Adidas Originals Flagship Store Tokyo @ Harajuku Whose art  is this ?  It’s  Tanaami Keiichi. I’m a big fan  of him. KEIICHI TANAAMI X ADIDAS ORIGINALS Famed Japanese artist Keiichi Tanaami brings vibrant images to sport style. In this collection, the visionary's recognizable characters layer over adidas Trefoil logos on shirts, track jackets, and track pants. A colorful graphic stand out with signature 3-Stripes down the sides. Keiichi Tanaami was born in 1936 as the eldest son of a textile wholesaler in Tokyo. He was 9 years old when Tokyo was bombed during the Great Tokyo Air Raid of World War II in 1945. Keiichi Tanaami graduated from Musashino Art University. Since the 1960s, Tanaami has been associated with the pop-art movement, and the influence of artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein is clear. In his own work from the 60s and 70s collage played a big part (and still does) as Tanaami would juxtapose clippings from American comics and girlie magazines with his own drawn images of women in sexual poses. He has pursued an active career as a graphic designer, a film maker and an artist, successfully transcending the boundaries between the three, to become a trailblazing representation of a modern, versatile artist, who exerts a considerable influence on artists around the world Tanaami’s inspirations come from science fiction ,manga characters and his childhood memories of the war. These inspirations areTanaami’s affinity to pop-art, and his natural tendency to use his works to turn his memories into something positive. since 1991,Tanaami is working as a professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design, where he has helped bring up young new artists. Did you know? He has an exhibition* at   the ginza graphic gallery. Untill this  August 21!!! *The 374th Ginza Graphic Gallery Exhibition Keiichi Tanaami Great Journey July 05, 2019 - August 21, 2019 Let’s go to  Ginza  now!!! Wait!!! You have not  paid yet!!!

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