I've started worrying about my dark spots lately. They're noticeable even when I wear concealer. There's gotta be something better to use. After an exhaustive search, I found Ampleur's Luxury White. I started using the trial kit straight away, but... Hmm... Not really good or bad, I guess. Excuse me. You're looking much prettier than usual. Are you using different makeup? Huh? Whaaat?! I'm so happy! It'd be a waste to stop using it now! I'm gonna go all out and try the whole set! They do say you should use a complete set for skin whitening. Oh! There it is again! I've seen this in a magazine before too. All the products in this line have such a gentle aroma. It whisks away my exhaustion after a hard day's work. So soothing! I bet there's some synergy going on since I'm using the whole set too. I'm gonna look great! One month later... Hee hee. Both my work and private life feel so much more fun when I'm confident with my skin! You're in a good mood. What's up? Oh, nothing much!


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