It has been 5 years since we started dating... We had the idea to buy some matching jewelry to celebrate our anniversary. However, we both have different tastes and we're both rather stubborn when it comes to these kind of things, so it might be difficult. "She's cute, a bit excitable and likes bright colors. " "Me on the other hand, I'm sorta on the quiet side and prefer darker tones. " We tried talking it through but... ...neither of us wanted to budge. "It was hectic, so we were gonna throw in the towel on the whole idea. " "When suddenly... " I came across something that looked promising. "A bracelet with customizable designs and colors. " "You can select the same design but customize the jewelry to fit your individual preferences. " "We both liked this concept. " Finally, something we could agree on. I went for white gold on black. She chose something pink and cute. There are many different kinds and colors of buckles and straps to choose from. You can also choose to switch out just the strap. Leather looks nice too... The perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays, surprise presents or for any other special occasions. "The next one is for our anniversary next year right? "


Fred Boutique Solaria Plaza
2-2-43 Tenjin Chuo-ku

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