The well-loved manga design exhibition held in Singapore last year (2018) will continue this year (2019)!

Besides the exhibition "Manga Design Exhibition ~ Connecting Chinese and Japanese through Manga Design ~" held in Beijing, China from September 4th to 15th, 2019, "Manga Design Exhibition 2019" will be held from October 5th to 19th at Japan Creative Centre (Embassy of Japan in Singapore)!

Click here for Manga Design Exhibition 2018

Click here for Manga Design Exhibition in Beijing (@ Communication University of China)

The theme of the exhibition in Singapore this time is "日本を伝えるJCC & MANGA DESIGN ~Communicate JAPAN~" ! Coincidentally, Japan Creative Centre (JCC), the venue, will celebrate its 10th birthday in 2019. So this theme both conveys congratulations, and the desire to introduce JCC's history and Japan's charms through Manga Design!

We decipt their 10 years since establishment by using Manga Design.
At the venue, the video in which the works are dynamic will also be played.

Those who have seen last year's exhibition may already know, but let me briefly explain it for people who will go for the first time.

日本を伝えるJCC & MANGA DESIGN ~Communicate JAPAN~

■2019.10.5 (sat) - 19 (sat)
■Venue: Japan Creative Centre (Embassy of Japan in Singapore)
■Open hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 10:00 - 18:00
■Fixed rest day: Sunday, Monday, 10/15 (Tue)
■Adress: 4 Nassim Road, S (258372)

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