Purchasing souvenirs(omiyage) is one thing quite a bit of people probably look forwared to doing on a trip.
When you buy souvenirs, you can remenice on your trip even after you get home, as well as use it to start conversations with those around you! We would like to introduce you to 4 recommended souvenirs to purchase when you visit Japan.

   A classic souvenir! Confections!!

Sure enough, "confections" are a representative souvenirs. There are probably quite a few people who have heard of the famous "Tokyo Banana", "Hiyoko (Chick)", and "Hato (Pigeon) Sablé". Here, we introduce a way in which you can make the Hato Sablé an even more unique souvenir!

Issues about popular omiyage 〜Part 1〜

Recommended souvenirs that can be purchased in Tokyo!

Special collection of classic Omiyage, Tokyo

In addition to the boxed confections that contain multiples, we also recommend confections that can be purchased at supermarkets and convenience stores. In stead of a souvinere, they're perfect as a snack during your trip! If you give them a little twist, they become even more tasty, so why not buy a bunch and try eating them in a variety of ways?

Issues about popular omiyage 〜Part 3〜

How Nostalgic! Dagashi Recommended by Japanese!

   Cheap and convenient! Will be pleased! 100yen shop items.

In various places of Japan, there are many "100yen shops", lead by "Daiso", "Seria", and "Can Do". These stores are filled with goods that can be purchased with one coin, just like a dollar store/1 pound shop (tax not included). Despite being cheap, sold are items that are useful and reliable. There's no doubt your friends back home would be happy to recieve these items as souveniers!
Though it's only a small portion, we will introduce some handy items that can be purchased at a 100yen shop!

All these things can be bought by 100 yen! Mountains of treasures in Japanese 100 Yen Shop.

There are many more innovative items sold in Japan, so when you visit, look out for a bunch of hiddend finds!

   Very Japanese, and is a good omen! Omamori (Amulet).

Not only do Omamori's last as an item, but they share good luck, making for a perfect present for someone important! Depending on the shrine, there are all sorts of benefits and designs, so it's enjoyable to pick out which one you want!

Let's buy a Lucky Charm as a souvenir !

   Helps to git rid of change! Gacha Gacha.

You can't exchange any left over change, so of course you'd want to use up as much of it as you can before you return home. Thought often spoted at commercial facilities and outdoors, recently airports also have a lot of gacha gacha. Not only can you use up left over change, but you can also get more souveniers; you're hitting two birds with one stone!

Not Just a Toy Anymore! The Scoop on Japanese Gacha

From location specific figures to unique items, even character goods, there are a variety of sorts. Between the fun of choosing which gacha gacha to buy and the excitment of which item you're going to get, you'll gain another memory in Japan!

Along with having fun choosing souveniers, please enjoy your trip in Japan!

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