Grants your wish for pure skin! Close care with White Aqua's Medicated Skin Whitening Cream Yuri (35) is always sparkling despite her busy professional and personal life. Wow! However, she is actually worried about the small dark spots that have appeared on her face. *Stare* I should've been more careful about applying sunscreen when I was younger. I wonder if there's any way I can get rid of these dark spots. Urk! *Sigh* Why don't you try using White Aqua? It's great! They scared me... A Few Days Later White Aqua Medicated Spot Whitening Cream (Quasi-Drug) It's here! Ta-da Prevents spots from darkening, forming, and repeatedly appearing. A concentrated cream that adheres closely to your problem areas. Its active skin whitening ingredient ”tranexamic acid” suppresses the production of melanin. Prevents dark spots and freckles. Block Tranexamic Acid *Prevents dark spots and freckles caused by sunburns. The tranexamic acid is assisted by the original White Aqua Complex blend, made with a base of fruit juices, sap, and ferment filtrate serum combined with moisturizing, restorative ingredients such as white lily extract and ceramides. The cream sticks so closely to my skin. I can target the specific spots I'm worried about or apply it thickly all over like a mask. I've perfected my intensive skincare! Yuri is so beautiful.


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