On the net, differences between one's country and other countries are often compared, but Japan is often compared with America. This is because Japanese culture and personality are almost ""completely contrary"" to American.
Let's learn something about the strange culture of Japan together with today's character, American student “Amy”

   The culture that shocked Amy after she came to Japan was …!?

That's right! According to a survey by ""Japan Soft Drink Association"", about 2,400,900 vending machines are in operation all overJapan. While in America, the number of vending machines is approximately 2,962,000.

America has about 26 times the land area of Japan, but almost the same number of vending machinesas Japan... Hopefully in the future Japan won't sink under the weight of vending machines.

By the way, here I'd like to introduce you about ""acure"", the latest vending machine in Japan. In fact, all drinks in this machine are shown on the ""touch screen monitor"". The main body of machine is equipped with a camera, and when a person is standing in front of it, the computer will recommend the corresponding drink by recognizing his or her face!
It's mainly in large stations throughout Japan, so have a try if you find it

   The food culture is also so different

There are mixed judgements on "slurping (eating out loud)", one of the cultures in Japan since ancient times. When slurping, you can eat delicious food and soup together, and the air blows out from nose instantly, surrounding yourself with aroma

Therefore, even if you see such a person, please think so considerately with a tolerant heart -that "it seems that you are eating well".

In Japan, the “raw food culture” in which people eat raw foods without beingheatedis widely rooted. In addition, ""sukiyaki"", a famous Japanese cuisine, is an excellent food made by mixing sweet, spicy and rich seasoned meat and vegetables with raw beaten eggs

Some say that ""raw eggs can contain salmonella, bacteria and so on, which is scary ... Is it okay to eat raw?"" In fact, Japan has strict freshness management on eggs, with the egg collection date and best before date clearly written on them. Also the restaurant side adheres to strict management to prevent food poisoning. So please feel free to enjoy raw eggs if you come to Japan


It seems that Amy has been able to enjoy Japanese culture. Now with the wide spread of the Internet and tourism, we can quickly know other countries
It's not good to condemn different cultures as ""wrong"", and we don't want that to happen either
If you try to take the idea of ​​""differences bring fun"", you'll have a better chance of meeting things you didn't discover before. So please make sure to respect and enjoy the ""new discovery"" when youencounter other cultures

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