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In a corner of Tenjin Central park stands a classical European-style building.
This is Kihinkan Hall. A former Fukuoka prefecture municipal hall.

It feels like there is a lot of history here!  I love the retro-modern atmosphere!  Indeed!

Kihinkan Hall is a French Renaissance style wooden building that was used for guest reception during the Meiji era.

About a 100 years later it was designated as an important cultural property where one can still experience the feel of old Meiji era history.

It feels like being in a place you would see in a manga. Each room has different wall paper! How pretty!  One of the Kihinkan's charms is that in each room has it's own wallpaper and ceiling decoration designs. The elaborate ceiling designs are wonderful too.  What is this room?  Oh! These are old dials and doorknobs aren't they?  I didn't know they had such a good taste in design back then.  Hey! Look! We can actually touch these! You can really feel the history!

Travel back in time with the rooms where you study history and actually touching it!

There are also plenty of photo spots where you can take wonderful pictures.  That over there looks cute too! Let's take a picture there too! That sounds good! This looks like a perfect picture spot!  Rental classical dresses are also available. (Rentals possible until 5:00PM) 2,000 Yen rental fee. 5 dresses (size 9 medium) available.  Enjoy fashion from a bygone era! Hehe, we took a lot of pictures!  We sure did!  This was so much fun! Being in a building where we can delve into Japan's history while wearing costumes worn at the time is the best!  You looked really good in that dress!

The Kihinkan Hall also has a cafe. You can have coffee, herb tea or even alcoholic drinks while enjoying the nostalgic atmosphere.

The chandelier in this room is also super retro! Being able to enjoy some sweets here is the best!  I feel like a real Meiji era lady!  Sure you do...

Learn about history! Try out some classical dresses while taking lots of pictures or just come take a break!

Come enjoy a day at Kihinkan, the
former Fukuoka prefecture municipal hall!

The former Fukuoka prefecture municipal hall Kihinkan

6-29 Nishinakasu, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

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