One Saturday afternoon, I was on the way back from watching a movie with my boyfriend.

As we were walking down the road just in front of the Suijo park bridge, heading towards Kihinkan Hall he started talking.

"It's been a while since I came here. It's become a very beautiful area."

The open space between Suijo Park and the Kihinkan Hall has been turned into a shopping area by Nishitetsu. A lot of new stores have been opening here, it’s quite a popular spot.

Suddenly, something caught his eye and made him look behind us.

"Oh? What's that black building over there?"

I turned back to look, and then I remembered my parents talking about this place the other day.

"Oh, that place! My parents said they ate there with some friends a while back! They said they have a lot of wine there."
"Does your father like wine?"
"He got really into it recently. He said he was really impressed with their selection!
This really seemed to pique my boyfriend's interest.
"Shall we go see for ourselves?"
I had wanted to go there ever since I heard my parents mention it, so I told him I would be more than happy to go.

We were greeted by a waiter as soon as we entered.
My boyfriend started to say we didn't have reservations, but the waiter assured us this was not a problem and showed us to our seats with a big smile. We were seated at the counter.

We wanted to have some food first, so we took a look at the menu.
I was expecting only French Cuisine, so I was quite surprised by the menu's content.

"I thought there would only be French food, but they have charcoal-grilled Kagoshima Wagyu beef too! I'm so happy! Is it ok if we share?"

"Of course!" The smiling waiter assured me.
My boyfriend ordered some typically French terrine and rillette on the side and asked the waiter to bring whatever wine he recommended.

“Certainly. The terrine and the beef are in fact 2 of our chef’s specialities. As for wine I will bring some that I, as a sommelier, have full confidence in recommending.” After saying this, our sommelier offered to show us the wine cellar below while we waited for our food.

We said we would love to see it and we were promtly led through the iron grate door down to the basement.

As we descended down the stairs, the air suddenly changed.

The air in the room was cool and a little moist.

The sommelier who preceded us in the room said “We are very proud of our wine cellar here."

As we entered the little room, the wine cellar we could see behind the glass on our right looked more like a room than a cellar. While we were watching the lined up wine bottles, our sommelier continued;

"We recently managed to aquire bottles from the top 61 chateaux."
"All of them!? That's quite a feat isn't it?"
The sommelier bowed his head a little.
"Indeed, we have received certification by the Bordeaux Wine Bureau. I believe this is quite rare in Japan." he answered.

My boyfriend had a thoughtful look come over his face and asked if it was possible to dine here in this room.
The sommelier informed us that is was possible by appointment.

"Let's eat in here with your parents next time then."
I could already imagine how happy my father, who has recently grown very fond of wine, will be.
"To be able to eat here while looking at these wines, my father would be overjoyed!"
"Let's get you a reservation right away then." said the sommelier.

When the sommelier announced that "Your food we be ready soon." we went back up and left the wine cellar behind us.

I felt so happy all of a sudden I turned to my boyfriend, and said smilingly "I'm really looking forward to next time."
"Me too." He answered.

Au Bord d'Eau Fukuoka

6-8 Nishinakasu, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture 1F & B1F

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