"While traveling to a destination in a country different than yours can be fun in many ways, it can also create a lot of problems. And even though Japan is equipped with a fully-accessible public transportation system, things like its rules or fees can be confusing.
Well never fear, aspiring traveler! Here, we'll tell you the ABC's of the train system in Japan!"

"1. Trains are convenient in Tokyo and Osaka!
The downtown area in each city has a station somewhere within 1 to 2 kilometers, and with such easy access, trains make it easy to get around and quickly plan sightseeing. "

"2. Take advantage of the handy 1-day pass for travelers!
This 1-day pass let's you ride all day, and is perfect for sightseeing!"

"3. Etiquette on the train
- How to hold your backpack on a crowded train
- Refrain from talking on the phone
- Passengers getting off the train take precedence, while passengers getting on must line-up and board the train
These, and a variety of other unspoken rules exist for riding trains."

"Be sure to take advantage of the convenient
trains when you visit Japan!"

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