This is a manga of a workshop of students of Nanyang Polytechnic with Manga de Japan.

Both the Fuji Kyuko corporation and the Nishi-Nippon Railroad corporation participated in this workshop.
This workshop was centered around making 6 panel manga that can be used in advertising.
The students displayed their creativity by making a 6 panel manga based on one of these 2 themes; Fuji-Q Highland (Fuji Kyuko co.) or the SUNQPASS ( Nishi-Nippon Railroad co.'s unlimited ride pass.)

We would like to present you with some of the best pieces that were created!

Possums(American animal) are traveling in Kyushu with SUNQPASS!

Draft storyboard  : Lee Xu Xiang (Nanyang Polytechnic)
Illustrations : GOTO (Manga de Japan) / Ryuya Kitamura (Osaka University of Arts) 

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