"Wow, what a nice hot spring ... Um ... What happened, dear?" … There's something I want to say … I forgot if I locked the door, which made me very anxious … "Oh my god … Why did you say that … during our travel! Now we'll get worried and can't enjoy the travel …  I think everything is alright, but I don't have a certain memory of closing the door … " "Um … It's too late to rush home now …  Ah, I see! Maybe we could ask Mrs. Takahashi next door to confirm." "Wait! What if we really didn't close the door? Although she's our neighbor, she is also an outsider. We shouldn't trust others too much ... Now that you mention it … her husband looks like that kind of person who conceals a considerable amount of debt, maybe he even sold their house ..." "Anyway, let's go back tomorrow as soon as possible … Sorry …" "Then …  Look, the door is closed properly! So why were we so worried …  What ... I'm so sorry Oh hey, you two end the trip so early. Clatter" "We won't give you any chance to steal from us easily! Don't look down on us!  … What?"

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