"Listen, what happened to me recently is really horrible.  Really?" Last Thursday night, when I got back to my apartment, I met Matsushima and we nod to each other, and then we parted ways. "Um … who's Matsushima?  Ah, my neighbor.  OK, I see." The next day I went to ask Mr. Matsushima. I was told that Mrs. Matsushima died at 11:00 the previous night … … ? "Matsushima is a middle-aged couple, right? And who you met in the night was …  The lady  I see. At what time? After 12 o'clock midnight" "Let me see … You mean you met the lady next door who is already dead, and you even greeted her, right?  Horrible, huh?" "… Well, the story itself is pretty good.  But you didn't tell it well. So, not scary at all"

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