The YUKATA is one of the traditional clothes in Japanese style.It's lively that lots of people are wearing YUKATA at various activities that are held in the summer.YUKATA is more like a magic cloth which makes women look more pretty and men look more handsome!

Hakama and Kimono are similar with YUKATA.Do you know the difference between them?Firstly,let's take a look at the difference between YUKATA, hakama and kimono!

Yukata vs Kimono vs Hakama

The patterns of traditional Japanese style used in all of them, are often called "Wagara". All kinds of patterns contain different intentions and are considered as symbols of good luck.It would be wonderful to find a YUKATA with your favorite pattern!

The Meanings Behind Traditional Japanese Patterns That Even Japanese People Don't Know!?

The Meanings Behind Traditional Japanese Patterns That Even Japanese People Don't Know!? ~Part.2~

The Meanings Behind Traditional Japanese Patterns That Even Japanese People Don't Know!? ~Part.3~

The Meanings Behind Traditional Japanese Patterns That Even Japanese People Don't Know!? ~Part.4~

"Even without changing your yukata, just by varying the accompanying hairstyle and/or obi you can create different looks. Have fun creating your own original yukata arrangement that matches your mood!"

The right yukata for the right time! How to coordinate your yukata, hairstyle and obi!

Festivals and fireworks events are typical summer activities for people wearing YUKATAs. Every year, many people leave wonderful memories there! Though the attraction of the festivals appears in various way, this time we mainly introduce the shops which appear at all the festival!Please make sure to come and experience the traditional Japanese games and unique foods.Cause it's hard to meet if you won't go to the festivals!

To enjoy the pleasure of visiting matsuri! Introduction of 17 kinds of activities, the yatai.

Fireworks in the night sky are works of art by Japanese craftsmen.It's relatively quiet to watch, but some people will shout "Tamaya" and "Kagiya" these kinds of special sounds to cheer.What's that supposed to mean? How about you give a shout when you know that meaning?

What do the Things Japanese People Say at Fireworks Festivals Mean?

Let's check out the other five recommended places to wear a YUKATA in Japan!

Five scenic spots suitable for wearing yukata in Tokyo

These summer activities in YUKATAs are mostly crowded and hot.In this environment,we should be more concerned about hot countermeasures, heatstroke and mosquito bites.

One prop that will keep you cool in a sweltering crowd is "uchiwa"!You can even feel cool by just holding it in your hand,and the handle can be inserted behind the belt of the YUKATA for easy to carry.Please look for a "uchiwa" in your favorite shape from this article!

Japan's Top-three Famous Uchiwa

I'm afraid that a "uchiwa" won't be enough to cool your body down.It's a pity that so much pleasure will be wasted if you feeling heatstroke.Please take this article as a reference to resist the heat and enjoy the summer activities at the same time!

Beware of Japan's summer! How to deal with heat easily.

The summer in Japan is very concerned about mosquitoes wherever it is.You can't enjoy enough your firework show if you feel itching by mosquitoes bites.Sweating and high body temperature are said to be particularly easy to bite by mosquitos.Therefore, it's good for you to wipe sweat often, and use mosquito repellent spray in advance of going to the festival, so that mosquitoes will be difficult to get close to you!

The traditional Japanese mosquito repellent tool is mosquito-repellent incense.While it's unsuitable for carrying, so it's recommended to be used in the same place for a long time, such as playing hand-held fireworks or BBQ with your friends. Somehow,the mosquito-repellent incense is mostly made into the shape of a pig.At last,let's introduce the secret of using pig as the theme pattern.

The Japanese mosquito repellent is mostly in the shape of pig! Why?

In addition to the introduction, there are many other summer activities in Japan.There is no doubt that wearing a YUKATA will enjoy more fun!There are also some shops that offer discounts to people who are wearing YUKATAs, so it may even be a good deal! ?Please be sure to wear a YUKATA and enjoy the summer in Japan!

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