Tons of Good, Cheap One-Of-A-Kind Eats - Nagoya Cuisine

Take a bullet train from Tokyo for about an hour and 40 minutes and you're there! Nagoya in Aichi prefecture is located in an easy-to-access location from downtown, and is a city flourishing with unique culture. The slang for gourmet Nagoya eats is "Nagoyameshi", which is famous all around Japan. Here, we'll show you some Nagoya cuisine that will blow you away visually!

"Miso sauce is a staple of Nagoya cuisine!
Despite its heavy look, it actually tastes lighter."

This premium meal is made by broiling eel. Or further customize it to your liking by eating it with some green onion seasoning and some tea on rice!

This particular udon is eaten regardless of the season in a personal hotpot. Just pop off the lid and eat it right from the pot.

"Nagoya Cochin Chicken Wings flavored with sauce and pepper.
Order them with your beer!"

crack an egg over it to give it a more mild flavor.

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