Have you ever drank Japanese sake?
Japanese sake made from rice perfectly complements a Japanese style meal.
"What's so alluring about it?"
"What is the best way to enjoy it?"
These are the questions we will answer!

There are four factors of Japanese sake
that contribute to how delicious it tastes.
Those four factors are...

Japanese sake is made from rice, water, and rice malt. The fragrance and taste change depending on how much you polish the rice. Also, the more the rice is polished, the higher quality the sake becomes. * "Polish" refers to polishing the grain of rice.

Chilled sake is 5℃, hot sake is 50℃... the term changes for every 5℃. Tartness is more profound when chilled, and umami and fragrance is more profound when hot.

These days, there are more opportunities to drink Japanese sake like wine with stemware. This is in order to enjoy the fragrance to the extent possible. Try experimenting with a variety of different shapes, thicknesses, and materials!

Sake and side dishes that complement each other are extremely important. Today's Japanese sake goes well with cheese and meats.

Be sure to discover how you enjoy drinking sake!
* Underage drinking is prohibited by law.