Here, we will present sightseeing spots you can visit in a day such as Kamakura, Nikko, and Hakone. As they are within a few hours from Tokyo station it'd be a waste to just limit yourself to sightseeing Tokyo while you're in Japan! So why not branch out and take a short trip?

1.) Kamakura


Kamakura, Japan. A town nearby Tokyo that is full of nature and surrounded by an ocean and mountains. It is a beautiful tourist spot that gives you a sense of Japan's history with its many temples and shrines.

2.) Nikko


The city of Nikko in Japan's Tochigi Prefecture is famous for the Nikko Tosho-gu Shrine world heritage site.

Tosho-gu Shrine has a variety of carvings such as the three wise monkeys who hear, speak, and see no evil, the sleeping cat, and the imagination elephant.

3.) Hakone


Hakone is a one of the best hot-spring areas in Japan.

Why not refresh your soul and body with a soak in an open-air spa while taking in the breathtaking scenery?

4.) Kawagoe


Kawagoe flourished as a castle town during the Edo period.
Its accessibility within an hour from the city, along with its old-fashioned streets reminiscent of the Edo period earned it the name "Little Edo". Its streets are a popular sightseeing spot where you can take a stroll.

5.) Yokohama


Known as a port town on the suburbs of Tokyo, Yokohama is even a popular date destination.

The area is bustling with people enjoying the seaside park, Chinatown gourmet cuisine, trendy shopping malls, and restaurants.

6.) Chichibu


The preceding was six sightseeing spots that you can easily access from Tokyo.
Be sure to find a spot that you like!

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