Get Trendy with Coordinated Support Colors! Break out of Your Plain Otaku Girl Cocoon!

Anime, games, idols... they're not just for the boys! Fans will obviously want to support their favorites! But girls want to be trendy too! These girls have found a way to coordinate their outfits with Support Colors!

There are lots of idol groups lately that have coordinated colors for their members. Check out the set colors of the member that you're a fan of! If they've got accessories that they always wear, try those out!

Tops, shoes, bags, and more...
Have fun with your Support Colors by changing it up with lighter or more vivid varieties of the color.

Casually show off your support with buttons and key holders!
Who knows? You might run into people with the same interests while in town!

You can even head straight to a concert in your matching Support Colors outfit!
Have fun with your flashy otaku lifestyle!

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