A 1-hour train ride from Shinjuku!
Takaosan is a popular mountain climbing spot in the city that also recently received a THREE STAR rating from the Michelin guide.
Now, at the 500m peak of Takaosan, you can experience an exceptional all-you-can-eat (or drink!) restaurant at Takaosan Beer Mount.

Takaosan has some easy to climb routes for beginners too, so first-timers are welcome.

A cable car will bring you back to Takaosan Station after your climb to the top...

The observation deck has been turned into an all-you-can-eat beer garden for this promotion!

There are over 30 types of Japanese, Chinese and Western all-you-can-eat dishes, as well as all-you-can-drink beers, wines, cocktails and Japanese sake!
Satisfy your tastebuds with as much of your favorite drinks and dishes for two hours!

The best part about Beer Mount has to be the view from the mountain peak!
You can see as far as Yokohama during the day, and at night you have the beautiful lights of the city.

Bring your family! Bring a date!
Enjoy a different flavor of beer garden for a change.

Takaosan Beer Mount

[Days Open]
Everyday from Thursday, June 15th to Sunday, October 15th, 2017.
Weekdays - 3pm to 9pm
* August 14th (Mon) and 15th (Tues) - 1pm to 9pm
Weekends and Holidays: June 17th (Sat) to July 9th (Sun) - 2:30pm to 9pm
July 15th (Sat) to October 15th (Sun) - 1pm to 9pm