What did the scenery look like in Japan several centuries ago?
Take a peek at Osaka during the Edo period in manga!

The Osaka Museum of Housing and Living is a museum exhibiting the scenery of Osaka during the Edo and Meiji periods (100 to 400 years ago).
They also offer kimono rentals so you can experience the Edo period while wearing a kimono.

Sadly, they were donerenting kimono by the time we'd arrived.
There are only 300 kimono available for rentals, so if you want to wear one while you're in the museum you'd better arrive early!

Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

・Closed: Tuesdays
・Hours: 10am to 5pm
 (No entry after 4:30pm)
・ Price:
 ①General: 600yen
 ②Group: 500yen/person
   (20 or more)
 ③University/High School
  Students: 300yen
 ④University/High School
  Student Groups: 200yen/
  person (20 or more)