Do you know a Japanese food called “Natto” ?

Natto is a kind of food made from fermented soybeans. You might heard some people said that it is “smelly” or “has an unfamiliar taste for foreigners”. Natto is actually a traditional food in Japan, said that it is full of protein and is very good for your health.

While Japanese people usually eat Natto with rice, there are lots of arranged recipe that included Natto. Everyone may have their own preferences, but don’t say No unless you have tried it. ! Let me introduce you how to eat Natto !

① There are two kinds of Natto that we usually see at the supermarket; Packaged Natto, and Straw Natto which is made by Japan’s traditional way by wrapping rice straws around Natto.
First, open the package, peel off the plastic that is covered the Natto, then put the sauce and mustard that are attached with the package off.
(If you bought the Straw Natto, open it and put it in the cup.)

② Use chopsticks to mix it well until white strings come off.

③ Put sauce and mustard as you like.

④ Put everything on the rice, and you’re ready to eat ! Eat it like this originally, or try adding some Kimchi or raw egg.

And as above, we have a lot of recipes using Natto, like Natto rolled egg, Natto miso soup, or even Natto spaghetti ! Last but not least, you might find your own way to eat Natto, too !