We Ranked 'Em! The Best Tapioca @ Harajuku

Tapioca drinks are delicious, with their nice and chewy texture!
Originally from Taiwan, these drinks are so popular in Japan you can see people standing in line for miles!

There are a bunch of popular tapioca places in Harajuku where our editorial division is located.
So, we decided to get our editors to try them all and rank them!

(Our editorial staff is super excited that they'll get to do this. They all love tapioca drinks!)

Now then... let's all be quiet and focus on ranking these drinks.

It was so hard to choose which was the best, but everyone kept sampling drinks, munching on tapioca, and filling out their score sheets.

We selected milk tea from every place as a standard to keep everything fair!
- Chewy factor
- Sweetness (Is the black tea fragrant? Is there too much milk?)
- How's the cost performance?
These are the three criteria we used in our exhaustive rankings below!

How do those ratings seem to you? They can easily change depending on what you like!
These are just from our editorial staff at MDJ, but we hope they'll come in handy to help you find your own favorite tapioca drink!