Travel the world with Yuko-chan!
In this corner, Yuko-chan will present native dress from countries around the world.

Her second stop is Malaysia!
Malaysia is a classical multi-ethnic nation composed of Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, and other ethnicities, and thus features a variety of native dress as well. This time, we'll try on some Malaysian style native dress!

Men wear the baju melayu, while women wear the baju kurung. Many of you have probably seen a baju kurung before. In Malay, baju means "clothing", and kurung means "basket" and "cage". As the name suggests, it features a simple design that hides the contour of the body. A more casual variation called the baju kebaya exists, which is also incorporated into the design of the Malaysia Airlines uniforms.

There is a headscarf called a hijab that must be worn by Muslim women followers of Islam at all times. It is customary for women to wear clothing to hide everything besides their face and hands from anyone outside their family or when they leave the house--thus the hijab is a necessity for them.

Like the baju kurung, the hijab comes in a rich variety of colors and patterns, and can be enjoyed by coordinating with that piece of clothing.
One can say that changing up how it is swaddled or adding a broach as an accent makes it a very fashionable native dress.

Much like the female dress, the men's baju melayu comes in many vivid variations that feature multiple colors and embroidered stitching as well. Also, Muslim men also have a custom of wearing a headdress called a kataya. It seems the standard color scheme for this dress is black and white.

Muslim culture is incorporated into Malaysian native dress, and is characterized by the modesty of not showing skin.
On the other hand, their bright colors, glits and glamour that brim with tons of personality make them quite charming. They feel somewhat similar to Japanese kimono.

What do you feel about wearing Malaysian native dress, Yuko-chan?

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