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Welcome to the Spirit Realm..!? A Peek Inside the Haunted Izakaya in Kichijouji!

Halloween's just around the corner!
It's a happening time in Japan, what with everyone dressing up and having a good time... and that's fun and all, but why not grab a seat and have a drink surrounded by Japanese ghosts, or Yuurei in Japanese? You could be in for a real scare!
We're going to introduce you to a scary, fun, and delicious Izakaya bar.

We're here!

Just a 3-minute walk from Kichijouji Station in Tokyo, you'll find a rather creepy looking place.
Is it a haunted house...? Nope. It's the Haunted Izakaya, Yurei.
Let's go down the spooky stairs and take a peek inside...

Once inside you're greeted with a vision of the afterlife!?
The inside is lit with eerie black-lights and lined with a bunch of wooden grave markers, which makes it really feel like you've crossed over to the spirit realm.

The atmosphere isn't the only thing spooky in this Izakaya...!
Why don't we take a peek at what's on the menu here at Yurei...?

And so much more.... Only the most grotesque of foods available!!
You'll have to try them to find out what they're really made of...!

And this is the most popular dish from the other side! Cremated Spare Ribs!

This place is so out of the ordinary! They occasionally have hands-on special makeup events as well. The hands-on casket experience is held everyday free of charge!
Try a different flavor of Halloween this year!

Haunted Izakaya - Yurei

Tokyo-to, Musashino City, Kichijouji Minamimachi
1-8-11 B1F
Hours: 5:00pm to 1:00am (Last call: 12:30am)
Phone: 0422-41-0194