Have you ever heard the word, "kakuuchi"?
Kakuuchi means standing and drinking at a liquor store.
In Japan, there are many liquor stores where you can do kakuuchi, though we will present places with Japanese sake vending machines that will excite adults! Just what is Japanese sake anyway? If you've ever wondered this, then be sure to check out this article!

How to Enjoy Drinking Japanese Sake

The location is Ryogoku, Tokyo. Ryogoku is home to the Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena--a region regarded as a sumo holy land.

Directly accessible from Ryogoku Station's west exit. We visited the Tokyo Shoten among the Edo Noren. It has Japanese sake, side dishes that go great with alcohol, and even souvenirs. In the back you can find...

Who knew! There's a kakuuchi space where you can drink Japanese sake for 200 to 400 yen* per cup (50ml)!
* Junmaishu = 200 yen, Ginjoshu = 300 yen, Daiginjo = 400 yen

Plus the types are so surprising! Sake from Tokyo's entire sake storehouse is available for your enjoyment! Even if you live in Tokyo, this sort of opportunity never presents itself.

Sip some atop your favorite barrel!
Three varieties of otsumami and snacks are available for 300 yen.

Buy any of the sake that you liked! But start with a cup, first! Be sure to enjoy the fragrance and taste of Japanese sake.

Tokyo Shouten

1-3-20 Tokyo-to Sumida-ku, Yokoami
Business hours: 11:00am to 11:00pm
Phone: 03-5637-8262