A Japanese Place of Rejuvenation! A Full Breakdown of Japan's High-Tech Toilet Bidets! TOTO INAX  LIXIL  shower toilet 

A Japanese Place of Rejuvenation! A Full Breakdown of Japan's High-Tech Toilet Bidets!

Japan's toilets are clean and high-tech! Why, you might ask? Because they have a bidet! Sometimes called a washlet or a shower toilet, a bidet is used for cleaning your rear-end at the press of a button after you're done with your business. That's all well and good, but some people might be... hesitant to use one.
We'll teach you the basics about how to use a bidet that you might be too embarrassed to ask about!!

#1 - Entering the Room *startle* !?

Depending on the model, some toilets have sensors to see when a person enters the stall or room, and then open their lid automatically.
"Why's the toilet seat moving on its own right when I walk in!?" You might be wondering, but... it's nothing to worry about.
That's just the toilet welcoming you in.

#2 - Using Flushing Sounds

Flushing Sound, or OTO-HIME in Japanese, is an included feature on some models that's perfect for people who are concerned about the noise a toilet makes when you flush it.
Pressing a button, or sometimes triggered when you sit down, will play a sound of running water.
This will let you finish your business without worrying about the noise.

#3 - Taking Care of Business...!  Wow... how nice!

Some toilets have heated seats to embrace your bottom in the winter, making it easy to take care of business.

#4 - Cleaning  Stop   Buttocks    Bidet      Turbo Odor Remover     Massage     Spray Strength      Spray Location      Dry

This is where bidets really come into their own.
Sit firmly in place on the toilet seat.
Make sure you're sitting fully on the seat otherwise you might get water on your clothes or back!
Next, look at the remote controls on the side of the toilet, or it could be on the wall next to it!
Lots of buttons, aren't there?
We're going to explain them for you.

Buttocks - This washes your anus. Bidet - This button is for ladies and comes in handy for cleaning up after urinating or during menstruation. It's also useful for children who don't sit fully on the toilet seat. The water aims slightly more to the front compared to the buttocks button.  * Bidet means pony in French. Dry - This will dry your rear end after you've finished wiping.  It's so warm!        *psssshhhhh* Spray Strength/Location - Choose the strength and location of the spray that you desire.  Weak   Strong Stop - Press stop once you're done using it! Next you'll want to wipe your bottom with toilet paper and you're all done.  Water will spray out of the toilet if you don't hit stop! Wonderful!!!

Well, what do you think? I bet you won't be able to go back to regular toilets after using a bidet!
Next time you're in Japan, be brave and give one a try.
* The text and icons on the buttons will vary depending on the make and model of the toilet.

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