Travel the world with Yuko-chan!
In this column, Yuko-chan introduces us to the native dress of people from nations all over the world. Our third stop is Singapore!

Physically, Singapore is quite literally the navel of Asia. Much like our last stop in neighboring Malaysia, Singapore is a country where people from many different cultural backgrounds live together while respecting and following their own cultural traditions. As you'd expect, there are many different styles of ethnic dress to be seen here! Today, however, we'll be featuring Chinese outfits, which are both popular and trendy!

In Singapore, both men's and women's Chinese-style clothing is called "cheongsam" (Cantonese). As you can see, it's a traditional Chinese dress. Cheongsam have changed quite a bit from one era to the next, as you can see from the lengths of the hem and side slits, the materials used, and the pattern design. This is unique to Singapore, which is a melting pot of so many different cultures.

With the recent prevalence of air conditioning, suit-type cheongsam with jackets have come into fashion.
With the way little details such as the location of where the dress's slit originates can dramatically change a cheongsam's impression, it's quite the fashionable cultural outfit!

In Japan, brides wear a white kimono at their wedding ceremony, but in Chinese culture, white is viewed the same way as black in Japan; namely, it carries the image of mourning at a funeral. So, it's probably a bad idea for a bride to wear a white cheongsam.

How does Yuko-chan think she looks in traditional Singaporean garb?

"I feel just like a multicolored spring roll!"

Despite their simple design, cheongsam dresses are elegant and show off the contours of your body quite beautifully. Yuko-chan clearly has taken a strong liking to them, too! Every girl should wear a cheongsam at least once!

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