The Correct Way to Make Japanese Tea

Do you know how to prepare Japanese tea to make it taste its best?
If you consider the hot water temperature and get creative, you can enjoy the taste and aroma of great tasting tea.

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I bought some Japanese Tea. Let's get started. Hold it! ? Each tea leaf has its own way to make it. How to make tea (Tea leaves, teapot, teapot bowl, water)  • Sencha / Gyokuro 1. Make sure to boil the water well.  2. Pour hot water into the tea bowl until there is enough for 8 servings and let it cool down to 70 degrees. (50 degrees for Gyokuro) Doing this lets you warm tea bowls while weighing the amount of hot water.  3. Put the tea into the teapot The amount you use is around 3 g (one teaspoon) per person.  4. When the hot water cools, move it to the teapot.  5. Wait for about 1 minute and 30 seconds (2 minutes and 30 seconds for Gyokuro)  6. Rotate and pour it all in.  Sencha and Gyokuro are low in temperature and gradually bring out a delicious taste with a small amount of hot water. Oucha / Hojicha / Genmai tea 1. Bring the water to a nice boil.  2. Put the tea leaves into the teapot. Use approximately 3 g of tea leaves per person (1heaping teaspoon).  3. Pour the boiled hot water directly into the teapot  4. Wait around 30 seconds and pour it into a cup.  Pouring the boiling water brings out the umami taste all at once. The end result differs depending on the tea leaves. After turning and pouring in the order of 1 → 2 → 3, pour it in the reverse order of 3 → 2 → 1 and then repeat this process. By pouring tea little by little, you can equalize the amount and taste of tea. The umami taste and aroma change completely depending on how you make it. Be sure to enjoy all kinds of tea!

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