There's So Many?! Japan's Music Rhythm Games

There's a strange type of game that is seen in video game arcades in Japan.
So, just sort of game is that person playing with such awesome movements?!

"Ah!" "Can I play that game over there?" "Sure!" *ching* *deep breath* *excitement* *bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang* "?!" "Phew! That was a blast!" "Totally!" "What kind of game did we just play?!" "That's a music rhythm game!" "There are many different varieties of rhythm games at video game arcades in Japan, even those that can be played with two people!" "I'll give it a whirl, too!" "Wh-What the?!" "I advise that a first-timer should start with it on easy difficult!"

So what do you think?
Why not give music rhythm games a shot for yourself?
Master them, and perhaps you'll become an expert gamer!