Need not leave Tokyo ! Hot springs in Tokyo that you can go !

Need not leave Tokyo ! Hot springs in Tokyo that you can go !

In the long, cold winter, will you suddenly nostalgia for the warm spring? When it comes to the hot springs, it may be reminiscent of mountainous areas far away from Tokyo, but in fact, there are some hot springs in Tokyo as well.

①Maenohara Onsen Sayano Yudokoro(Itabashi-ku)

■ Gensen Kakenagashi( water flowing directly from the hot spring source)
Greenish-brown tinge of the water
If you take bath in the salt-rich hot springs with rich sodium chloride content, you will have the feeling of warm, so it is also called "netsu-no-yu".

■Herbs Steaming Sauna
Heat the Chinese herbs powder with high-temperature steam, enjoy the steam saunas to discharge toxification through the medicament and aroma in the room, and the better skin beautifying effect can also be expected ◎

The detoxification effect of salt can also eliminate puffiness !

② Tokyo Somei Spa Sakura(Toshima-ku)

■ The well-known Somei natural hot spring is a rare colorless spring, it has the spring quality of so-called "Beauty Springs" with good moisturizing effect, which can make the skin become silky and moist.

Burns~~!warm and comfortable~slippery~

■Ganbanyoku Hot Stone Bath
You can fully enjoy the Ganbanyoku just with a piece of precious "Ganbanyoku Stone", and your body can feel the detoxification effect surrounded by negative ions.

And then …drink a bottle of milk after taking a hot spring bath!Gurgling,gurgling, a big bottle!

Gurgle, gurgle !

Above I introduced to you two hot springs ! Are you like a lot of people, just taking a shower bath to spend your simple life?
But you really need to take a hot spring leisurely to dispel the cold so as to relax your frozen body !

Because these hot springs are open every day until late, you can patronize on the way home!

■Tokyo Somei Spa Sakura  Business Hours:10:00~23:00(last check-in 22:30)  Fee:Adult 1,296 yen   Children 756 yen  Transportation:Toeichikatetsumitasen/JR 8 minutes walk from Sugamo Station ※Free shuttles   Tokyo Metro Namboku Line/JR 10 minutes walk from Komagome Station

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