As you all might know, “Sanitary” is one of the important things when travelling.

In Japan, there are toilet everywhere, especially in the train station, and department stores.

As foreigners, you might think that the way you use toilet at your country is as the same as in Japan, but it might be incorrect.
So letʼ s learn some toilet rules in Japan !

1. Donʼ t step on a toilet seat.
Itʼ s normal to step on a toilet seat if itʼ s a Japanese-styled toilet, but itʼ s not OK if itʼ s a Western-styled toilet !

2. Please toss used toilet papers “in” the lavatory.
Thereʼ s countries which toss toilet papers in the rubbish bin. But in Japan, toilet papers are very thin, so people can flush them.

3. But of course, donʼ t toss things other than toilet papers in the lavatory.
If you do that, you might not be able to flush it...

If you do that, you might not be able to flush it... For things such as sanitary pads, please put it in a rubbish bin.
For the washlet thatʼ s attached with the lavatory, thereʼ re usually English written on it. So donʼ t worry !

Letʼ s use a toilet thoughtfully !

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