In Japan, there are many traditional games that are played only during the New Year. For example, the most well-known are Kite flying, Hanetsuki, and Karuta.

At first glance it is a child's play, but in fact the deep meaning is hidden behind!

Let we introduce 4 new year's activities and their meanings.


This is called "Fukuwarai", which the people plays the game is blindfolded to place the portrait together ! For everyone laughs and enjoys with the funny face.

It means "everything will go well ! " Spinning Top

The basic way of playing is set in motion by aid of a string or rope coiled around axis of wood spinning top and pull it quickly.

It means "everything will go well !" Bounce Shuttlecock

The origin of Hanetsuki came from the play of kicking coins on the roots in China. But in Japan, we play on a board called Hagoita.

It means "to remove the disaster and adversity in the coming year"! Kite Flying

Many countries well know kites, but if talking about traditional Japanese kites, Everyone will definitely think of a samurai or a man wearing a kimono.

It means "the wishes can be sent to the gods and finally come   true !" Let's have a happy New Year together!

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