Milk shake x Potato Chips x "Alcohol" ?! THE SHAKE & CHIPS TOKYO in Omotesando

Sweet shake matched with crunchy potato chips ?!
The "SHAKE & CHIPS", a new collocation which means dipping chips with milk shake, was put forward by a specialty store "THE SHAKE & CHIPS TOKYO(hereinafter referred as S&C)" in Omotesando.

I'd like to introduce to you the charm of this shop!

When you get to the back street of Omotesando, you will find a British-style fashion shop. Come on! Let's hurry in! And you can find the menu at once on the side of entrance, there are various lovely and colorful milkshakes! The most popular flavor is from No. 4 to No. 6.

This time I ordered "ROYAL CREAM TEA with BAKED APPLE" and "PISTACHIO with CHERRY SORBET". You can choose whether put a small amount of alcohol in the milkshake, the taste will be better if you put a little alcohol in it!

Then, let's taste it with chips!

Because the "PISTACHIO with CHERRY SORBET" is not too sweet, it is good to match with the chips. And the "ROYAL CREAM TEA with BAKED APPLE" is a little sweet, the sweet and salty taste will be more enjoyable!

Since you've been here, please try the FISH & CHIPS!

The outside skin is crunchy, but the stuffing inside is soft FISH! You can also put on a little lemon or Tartar sauce according to your own preference!
The most recommendable is a kind of vinegar called Sherry Vinegar! Its smell is very strong, but the taste is very light!

In the evenings, the store will be transformed into a bar and there is a FOOD MENU matched with alcohol!

・Fish sauce soak lettuce
・Salted jack mackerel with vegetables, a Greek-style cuisine
・Jerk Spice chicken fritter
・Shepherd’s Pie
・Fried fish and chips
・Smoked cheese/jerky/Smoked nut

When you go to Omotesando next time, will you taste such salty and sweet taste in the exotic "THE SHAKE & CHIPS TOKYO"?


5Chome 6-5, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. 〒150-0001
Business Hours: 12:00 ~ 21:00
Regular Rest Day: Tuesday

There is an exclusive French Pizzeria "PÄRLA LABO" next to the "S&C", you can drop in to try the "Crepes"!