What's the best Omiyage in Tokyo?
There are various gifts all over the Japan gathered in the Tokyo's gift shop.

Which one should buy, I am hesitant ... you may think that is Tokyo's specialty, but if you look at it carefully, you maybe find it is produced elsewhere! I think a lot of people have gone through such experience.

This time I will collect some classic specialties originated in Tokyo, you must be happy if you find my information.

Every Japanese knows Tokyo Banana, it is the Tokyo's local Omiyage!
Soft and flexible sponge cake, stuffed with banana custard.
Convenient for eating,a variety of taste and packaging.

Besides Tokyo Banana, it is another well-known classic local specialty.
Open the bag ... egg?
No, it is a Japanese bun coated with white chocolate, stuffed with sesame and cream, and has enjoyable scent and taste.

It looks too good to eat, the lovely shape is its feature. Not too sweet, soft and slippery yolk filling plus smooth skin, very delicious, a kind of wagashi loved by public long, long ago.

Funawa sells "Round Yokan" and "Imoyokan" which have the taste of taro. Although the shelf life is not long, yet they have been the favorite local specialty from the very beginning!

The Baumkuchen shop with a long patient queue is the well-known Japanese "Nenrinya"
It is very interesting between the crispy outside and soft inside
"Mount Baumkuchen ",“soft Baumkuchen” and so on go along with your taste.
And you also can enjoy a variety of tastes such as matcha·sakura, grapefruit and so on.

"GOUTER de ROI" means "Dessert of His Majesty ".
This rusk uses high-quality French bread and its bake method adopts 60 years of research and experience.
There are 3 signature products in the taste of original, white chocolate and milk chocolate.

A kind of bakery product, crisp crackers baked by sugar and cream, with tasty and thick white chocolate center.

Huh? The surprising thing is there are many egg packaging boxes in the specialty shop...
Open it, the cute pudding!
What a pleasant surprise to give it to friends as a Omiyage.
Strong taste of pudding and caramel juice complement each other!
Happy looking & happy eating, a popular dessert whether adults or children will love.

Akihabara is not only Japan's largest electrical street, but also the world's largest otaku street.
Most people will go to Akihabara after they have visited Tokyo.

If you look at it, you couldn't help laughing, because the people want to buy not only the anime and game products, but also the Mongi, thus the Akihabara is a good choice for them.

Have you find your favorite Omiyage?
If you come to Tokyo, please refer to this information to choose your Omiyage♪