Analyses of items in the cosmetic bags of Japanese girls!

Cosmetic bag is a necessity for women put on makeup!
Oh, these are the things which the Japanese girls must put into the cosmetic bags?!
This time, we analyzed the cosmetic bag of Japanese women so-called Yamato Nadeshiko!

What on earth do the Japanese girls carry with them?
In order to confirm that, MDJ Editorial Office conduct an inspection on their cosmetic bags.

After looking at the things in their cosmetic bags, we realized that girls can be divided into three types!

■ Carrying all the cosmetics! Damsel!

■ Only carrying cosmetics for touch-ups! Little women!

■ Empty handed! Naturalist!

Even so, we shall carry such things absolutely!

How do you feel?
The stuff in the cosmetic bags of Japanese girls!

Among the stuff needs to carry absolutely, there are more toiletries such as lipstick and eye liner, that must be the reason for the elegant face of Yamato Nadeshiko!

We have made a thorough analysis on the things in the cosmetic bags, actually, the design of their cosmetic bags are different and have their own characteristics!

Then what do you carry in your small bags?
Be sure to show me!