Girls in love are very busy! Valentine's Day!

The chocolate is only given to the people you like on Valentine's Day, is that out of date? !
Let's take a look at the current Valentine's Day!

"The day finally come...! Valentine's Day!!" "Here you are! the chocolate!"

Tomo-choko...the chocolate only give to the same-sex friends

Gyaku-choko...the chocolate given to the favorite girls

"I am sorry! I can not accept it…! "   Cheeping—(sound effect) Aha—…   "I'm scared...""Honey! Don't you want to send me chocolate?" "Here you are"   "Giri-choco"    Chocolate "What〜! Not honmei-choco?!"   "Because I like somebody else."

Giri-choco...the chocolate given to the man whom they have no romantic attachment.

"Next is...honmei-choco"

Honmei-choco...the chocolate given to the favorite boy

"Kokoro?"    Plop(sound effect) "Er, that..." "I like you ...! Please accept it!"

You may also wish to send the chocolate with full love and thanks to your
important friends or lovers, right?