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Coming the craze for cat!! The charms of Japanese Cat

Now, a craze for cat is set off in Japan. In 2017, it has become a hot topic that the cat owners are more than those who raise dogs. It is also in Japan, there exists some cats called "Japanese Cat". This time, let me give you a detailed explanation of such "Japanese Cat"!

History of Japanese Cat

The history of Japanese Cat can be traced back to the Nara period, about 1,000 years ago, at that time, cat was introduced from China as a kind of beneficial animal to protect important books against mice.

〜Illustration on the charms of Japanese Cat〜

Most Japanese Cats are half-blooded, but actually they also have some their own characteristics.

・Color Let me introduce the hair color of the Japanese Cat identified by the Japan Cat Preservation Society!

Single color





・Bangai hen…American Japanese Cat! Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail was studied by an American woman who is deeply interested in Japanese cat with short tail, after breeding and improving the Japanese cats in the United States, she registered their descent.

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The charms of the Japanese Cat seems to be endless!
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