Japan's Sakura Blossom Map in Spring and Five Ohanami Resort

Speaking of spring, we must think of sakura.
Many people will come to Japan this season in order to watch the sakura.
Then, I will introduce to you the best time and good scenic spots for ohanamii.

2018 Sakura Blossom Forecast Map

It is continued cold in the winter of this year, so the blooming time of sakura in western and eastern Japan is slightly later than usual, but in northern Japan, the blooming time is predicted to be the same with the previous years.

Ueno Park is Tokyo's representative scenic spot for ohanami.
At night, 800 lights in the park will be lit, so it is a worthwhile place to visit.

There are 800 neck-and-neck cherry trees at Meguro River, crossing 4km, where is a popular scenic spot for ohanami. And there are a number of personalized shops along the Meguro River, besides watching the sakura, people also can enjoy shopping and entertainment here.

Sakura in Hirosaki Park will be blooming around the end of April each year, so there will be a large number of visitors during the May Day Golden Week. The Sakura Avenue, downstream hanaikada and Hirosaki Castle in the park are all worth visiting. And the Sakura Matsuri will be held in Hirosaki Park where arrange 2,600 cherry trees

The sakura in Takato Garden are known as "Best Sakura in the World", where there are 1,500 cerasus subhirtella, the age of trees spans about 130 years.

Since ancient times, Yoshinoyama has been a much-loved famous place for ohanami. When it is in sakura season, the entire mountain will be dyed in pink cherry color, 30,000 cherry trees will be all at one glance.

What do you think?
Not only the popular ohanami spots, but also the action messages throughout Japan such as yozakura+lightscape, Sakura Matsuri and so on are all in our plan!
Please be sure to come to Japan to enjoy Japanese sakura♪