Working Holiday in Japan! EP1 〜Apply for Part-time Jobs by Phone〜

During the one or two years while living overseas, people can enjoy the "life", "learning" and "work" in the way of working holiday. In recent years, many foreigners come to Japan for working holiday (hereinafter referred to as "WH"). In order to earn living expenses during this period, some of them may be puzzled how to find a job.

For those who are disturbed by this, let's learn more about WH through comics!

※In the restaurants, convenience stores, etc. where employ a large number of foreigners, it will be OK if you can communicate within simple situations in daily life, so the honorifics are not necessary in candidates' phone calls or e-mails.

To sum up, the most common issues in the candidates phone calls are:
①name ②nationality ③visa type ④telephone number

In addition, there may be the following issues:
⑤How long can you do this job?
⑥From which way or through whom do you get this part-time information?

For such phone calls, the most issues are to confirm the basic information of candidates. When knowing that applicants are foreigners, some shops will also use slow and simple Japanese to communicate with you. Therefore, you only need to communicate with them with full energy! If you are still not confident, we recommend you to prepare some memo in advance!

Working Holiday in Japan! Ep2 〜Fill in Resume〜