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Let's travel around the world with Yuko! Yuko will introduce to you the national costumes from all over the world in this area. Then the Indonesian costumes will be introduced in the seventh programme .

The national costumes I will introduce to you this time is called "Safari" for men and "Kebaya" for women. As we know, Indonesia is made up of many islands, so the people living in different islands wear different kind of clothing. Safari is mainly worn by Bali men, and Kebaya, on the other hand, is the general dressing for Indonesian women, and is also used as a kind of uniform for airlines. Yuko and Ron have tried on such national costumes of Indonesia.

Indonesian men usually wear Safari on top with a kind of cloth named "Udeng" on their heads, and for women, they usually wear a long blouse--Kebaya, which is made of translucent gauze qualitative fabrics. It is said that in Indonesia, Kebaya is generally customized at all, after carefully measuring the size, women will choose their favorite fabrics and patterns to make clothing.

As a result, there are few stores selling finished products of Kebaya directly in Indonesia.
Actually, in Indonesia, people always wear a Sarung on bottom, and put a kind of belt named "Selendang" around their waists. Men also have a cloth called "Saput" outside of Selendang.

The clothes matched with such Sarung are mostly the Batik which is an Indonesian batikfabrics with a unique dyeing process and has been included in the intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. In Indonesia, it is very common for men dressing Batik shirts on top and trousers on bottom.

What is Yuko's impression when putting on the Indonesian national costumes?

The national costumes will be worn as formal clothes for Hindus while visiting temples. And visitors should wear formal clothes and comply with the regulations before entering the monastery, so there are many shops leasing such national costumes in Indonesia, you may wish to have a visit.

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