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They are actually the ○○?! Japanese unexpected personality

○○ people have such characters〜This argument exists in any country, of course, the Japanese also have their own typical characters. Hardworking? Shy? Polite? Is it true? ? Here let's learn about the real Japanese who are described in the works of Japanese writers!

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In fact, it seems that only the Japanese people in Tokyo are very busy!
In Japan, compared with urban areas, most areas are common place of rural areas, fields and towns, the people living there are more relaxed and comfortable.

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In Japan, there is no tipping system.
You may think it a good idea to accept tips, but Japanese-owned shops have their own rules that the employees shall not represent their individuals but the company, so if they accept the tips...
For this idea, the Japanese are not accustomed to accept tips.

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The Japanese are very quiet even in trams, but if tomorrow is day off, TGIF, then there may be some drunken men raise a hue and cry in the trams! So at that time, you will find the Japanese liberated from day-to-day work!

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Actually, the Japanese are extremely--- sensitive about their age.
A particularly large number of Japanese women ""want to look very young in the eyes of others"", so they will further study the method of younger make-up and ideal skin care.

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It's hard for Japanese to be open if they meet somebody for the first time. But once they open their hearts, you will find that the Japanese are also diverse in characters!

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From the cultural personality, the Japanese always try to avoid having a brush with somebody else, they attach great importance to the maintenance of "harmony." Therefore, if the Japanese do not tell the truth, it doesn't mean that they are lying, but to show their considerateness and care to other people, so please do not worry about contacting with the Japanese.

Is this the same with your impression about Japanese people? So please do not be constrained by your own subconsciousness, let's find the new image of Japanese together! If you look at the world from others viewpoint, the world will become broader too!