Spring life Japan

Fish cuisine in spring

Spring comes after winter. Do you know the word ""harutugeuo""? It is the fish that announces the coming of spring. When the weather warms up, flowers will bloom and fish will come back.
Well, this time I will introduce to you the delicious fish cuisine in spring of Japan.

The first recommendation is the Japanese sakura snapper. From March to May, the color of snapper just like the bright pink sakura, so people give it a name with the word "sakura snapper".
When takes family gathering, people will prepare cuisine with sakura snapper.
The sakura snapper has a variety of ways of cooking, such as sashimi, shabu-shabu,taimesi and so on.

The second recommendation is hatsugatsuo.From spring to early summer, the skipjacks swimming along the Kuroshio go north to the coast of the Pacific Ocean are called "hatsugatsuo".
The character of hatsugatsuo is low fat with mild tasting.
If processes it as sashimi or half baked, you will feel the taste of spring.

The third recommendation is mackerel (Sawara). Just like its name, as soon as spring comes, we will find a lot of mackerel. The most classic cuisine is "Sawara Barbecue", which can be widely found in Western cuisine, ethnic cuisine and so on.

The fourth recommendation is mebaru, which is a kind of nocturnal animal,as its name implies,they have big eyes and particularly good eyesight.
And such fish move swiftly, it is said that it may be very hard to capture them.
The mebaru is often eaten as stewed dishes.

The last recommendation is Japanese Sillago sihama. In Japanese, it's pronunciation is "kisu", but actually it has nothing to do with" kiss", which comes from the "ki" of kishi and "su" of kaesu.
The tempura can be made with kisu, it is very delicious.

Are you satisfied? This time we introduce to you the Japanese fish and cuisine which can represent spring, but actually there are many other such kind of fish. Therefore, be sure to take the opportunity to enjoy spring fish cuisine, and feel the coming spring with your mouth.