April is the season for hanami.
In order to let everyone better enjoy the pleasure of hanami, this time I will introduce the ways to identify sakura!

Sakura!   So beautiful! What's the name of this kind of sakura? This kind of sakura is called "someiyoshino".   Amazing! Grandma, you know so much! Ho-Ho-Ho, I grasp the methods to distinguish different sakura. Someiyoshino Such flower has five petals. Its color will gradually change from light red when blooming to white.   Yaezakura Such flower has fifteen to twenty petals Its color is deep pink.   Yamazakura Its flowers and leaves grow at the same time. The height of such cherry tree can reach ten to twenty-five meters, and you can find it on mountains.   So if you look closely at sakura, you'll find their different points, they are very interesting at all.   Really! They're different! When I return home, I'd like to teach it to mama!   Um!

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