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The Theme Park in Shitamachi: Arakawa Yuen!

Arakawa Yuen is the only public park in Tokyo's 23 districts.
It is located in a residential area where has the civilian intimacy and nostalgic atmosphere!
This theme park was opened in the 11th year of Taisho (1922), where has always been a fun place for children and adults.

Here, I would like to introduce the unique charm of Arakawa Yuen!

The admission fee for Arakawa Yuen shall be paid separately from the riding fee for amusement facilities! The specific fees are as follows:

Because it is a theme park, there must be some classic amusement facilities -- Ferris Wheel, Merry Go Round and the Jet Coaster etc.!

In addition, there are the following funny items!

Yes! There is a fishing pond in the park!
Visitors can come with fishing tackles!

*Additional charge shall be paid for fishing.

There are not only the amusement facilities for riding, but also the natural scenery, the animal areas, as well as the fishing pond!
The Arakawa Yuen is worthy of a wonderful theme park for all the old and young people!

And, just like the park near your home, this amusement park also has a square where you can spend your leisure time!

Here, sakura will be blooming in spring and red leaves will be tasteful in autumn, that deserves our fully appreciation to take a while.

If you come to Tokyo, please be sure to come to Arakawa Yuen!

Arakawa Yuen

Opening time: 9:00~17:00
Please visit the website for the opening hours of the facilities in the park!
How to get here: Arakawa-yuenchimae Station on the Toden Arakawa Line