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Let's travel around the world with Yuko! Yuko will introduce to you the national costumes from all over the world in this area. Then the Bruneian costumes will be introduced in the eighth programme .

The national costumes I will introduce to you this time is called "Baju Melayu" for men and "Baju Kurung" for women. Do you feel that you have known them from somewhere? Yes, it is about the same as the Malaysian clothing introduced before. The Muslims in these two countries account for a large proportion of the population, so their national costumes are also similar. The most Bruneian national costumes are customized in the local area.

This time Yuko and Ron also had a try to make clothes themselves. Then, what was the upshot? The following I will convey the situation to you!

I. Cloth Seeking
In Brunei, there are many fabric stores selling the cloth for such national costumes. Because the types are very rich, we felt a bit hesitant.

II. Design Concept
After purchasing the cloth, the next step is to think about the design, so we drew the paper to increase imagination.

III. Accessories Match
Especially for the women national costumes, if matching the buttons and decorative ribbons, the clothes will seem to be very stylish. Many such buttons and decorative ribbons are sold in the accessory stores.

IV. Go to the Tailor's
When all the necessary things are available, we should go to the tailor's. From the Malay style to the Chinese style or the Indian style, various national costumes can be made in their tailor's.

V. Product Finished!
Generally, it will take about 1 to 2 weeks to complete the works. During the Hari Raya Festival, a local festival after fasting, or the weddings, it is said that the orders will come in flocks.
We put on the finished clothes to adjust the size and confirm the design. In this way, a kind of national costume was finished!

Yuko, Ron, what's your impression to make Bruneian national costumes?

It is said that local Brunei people have several suits of such traditional clothes, they will choose one to wear according to the occasion and mood.
Yuko and Ron also seem to be satisfied with their own Brunei clothing.

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