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Nihontou has a tradition of more than a millennium, which is known as the sword made on the basis of Japanese unique forging methods.

This time I will introduce to you the types of nihontou.
Tachi・・・tachi is the sabre for cavalry, when wearing, the blade shall be downward.
Katana・・・katana is so-called the sword, its full name is "Uchikatana", when wearing, the blade shall be upward.

Wakizashi・・・companion sword
Tantou・・・has a blade less than 30cm

Sword・・・double-edged with long blade
Nagamaki・・・the hilt is usually long for brandish

Naginata・・・in order to enhance the effect of slash,the hilt and blade are all very long
Spear・・・a kind of weapon for the purpose of thrust

Pike・・・a kind of ancient weapon like double-edged sword with a long hilt

There are so many types of nihontou! But the most representative of them are tachi and uchikatana.

The charm of nihontou is unfathomable, the introduction this time is far from enough. If there is a chance, I want to see you again in the continuation of nihontou.