A coffee shop where you may meet with Buddhist monk! Tera Cafe Daikanyama!

In addition to tasting washoku, you can also experience Buddhist scriptures transcription, rosary making and so on at Tera Cafe Daikanyama, where is a coffee shop to realize Buddhism with a light heart.This time I have gone to this shop with an individual style.

Get off at Daikan-yama Station of Tokyu Toyoko Line, after 3 minutes' walk and get by a downhill path, you will find the Tera Cafe Daikanyama. The interior finish is the modern Japanese atmosphere and style.

There are some monks living in the Tera Cafe Daikanyama by turns. On the day of my visit,I met with Miura Shoukyou, who has been a monk for more than 40 years, so I was fortunate to make a conversation with him.

Shojin Ryori is a kind of popular Japanese vegetarian diet, which does not use fish, shellfish and meat, but only needs vegetables, seaweed, and grains to make Buddhist cuisine. At Tera Cafe, you can enjoy such Shojin Ryori and delicious washoku, sweets and wines with such special flavor.

The amazing pairing dishes of "Fish×Maple Sugar". With a small bite, you can taste the soft sweetness spreading in your mouth.

The name of Buddha Bowl is very attractive, which does not use meat and fish at all, a very healthy food. And the serving size of Buddha Bowl is enough to make people gorge themselves.

As long as you make an appointment on the web site of the Temple Cafe Daikanyama, you can experience Buddhism even in the store.

The book "A Monk, How to Solve "Women Troubles?"", which is writen by master Miura, is now in hot pursuit at Tera Cafe and online shopping platform.

”A Monk, How to Solve 'Women Troubles?'”

Miura Shoukyou

Tera Cafe Daikanyama

Business hours:
13:00〜21:00 (Wednesday, Friday)
Way of Arrival:
Get off at Daikan-yama Station of Tokyu Toyoko Line, after 3 minutes' walk