We've decided where to go during the GW this year! "Go to visit the Hiroshima Flower Festival! "

Comprehensive Flower Parade
On the first day, namely the May 3rd, the performers will carry on the Flower Parade on the Hiroshima Peace Boulevard of about 1.2km with flower clothes, we call it FF (Flower Festival).
At that time, the competitors of Hiroshima Toyo Carp will also participate in the Flower Parade!

Peace Flower Breeding Program
The Peace Flower Breeding Program is based on the belief that "Hiroshima is full of flowers!" It is an activity which began seven years ago!

Within the three days of this festival, the flowers planted in the Hiroshima and its various suburban schools and enterprises will be gathered in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park for demonstration,when the Hiroshima Flower Festival ends, such flowers will be distributed to the every area of Hiroshima Prefecture for more careful cultivation.

Kinsai Yosakoi
Kinsai Yosakoi will be held at Hiroshima Peace Boulevard and Carnation Stage, a large number of participants make the festival on the last day a lively entertainment of buzz and excitement!

In addition, some song-and-dance performances, flea market and tourism specialty exhibitions will also be held at that time!

Hiroshima Flower Festival2018