Shocked! The facts behind the wig in cosplay!

Cosplay is a kind of unique Japanese culture.
But no one can find the hard work hidden behind the beautiful cosplay!

"Wow ~ it's Made, so beautiful~" "But we don't know how she handled the wigs""The wigs... are quite troublesome."   Yokkoisho "For my hair, it will not be OK if just tying up the wigs""In fact, these stuff are needed! plastic ball (hard) magnet hairpin clear tape iron wire adhesive felt" "And, in order to fix the wigs, the hair on either side shall be stick to the face by adhesive."   Right here. "As a matter of fact, the slicked-back hair is also difficult to handle..." "The hair line of wigs is far from natural, so the wigs shall be moved and stick to the hair line with adhesive, and then adjust it with scissors. In order to keep the hair as a whole, it is necessary to fix the entire hair with the adhesive which has been dissolved in the water."   dodon(sound effect) "Oh, it is so looks like I can't do cosplay..." "No! If you try hard to put on what you've made and make cosplay with your friends, you will certainly be happy and can't stop!" "I teach you, let's do it together!" "OK!"

Behind the beautiful appearance, you need to do the experiment again and again.
Although you need to do these things with patience, yet they may be the fun of cosplay.