Permanent Cherished Version! Japanese lecture part1〜Kanji〜which can be used all the time.

We have learned Hiragana and Katakana several times before, this time, we will capture the last bastions for this Japanese lecture, the "Kanji"!

Kanji-kun "Kanji were originally changed from the paintings depicting the object. Therefore, every Kanji has its own meaning"
Hiragana and Katakana Master"At first, it may be difficult to understand Kanji, but if we learn them in such way, they will be easier to remember!"

Kanji-kun "Although Chinese characters have many common features, yet their meanings may be different in different countries, so we must pay attention to them!"

Kanji-kun "Remembering these kanji won't have any drawbacks! "

There are 1945 "commonly used Chinese characters" in Japan, you can learn slowly at your own pace!